Kyra Jachode

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Kyra Jachode was born in Orlando, Florida in 1987. Raised in a Puerto Rican - German household Jachode was able to embrace a diverse culture head on. Throughout her childhood years Jachode spent the majority of her time industrial designing with found objects. It wasn’t until her high school years when she found herself following the path of a fashion designer.

Hitting the fashion industry head on, Jachode spent her high school years illustrating, merchandising, textile consulting, and designing garments. After co-designing for an artistic fashion show for Chico's
in 2005, Jachode discovered that entering the fashion industry would be her dream career.

In 2006 Jachode moved to Fort Lauderdale to pursue a Bachelor of Fashion Design degree at the Art institute of Fort Lauderdale. Since beginning her bachelor’s education Jachode has designed twice for the Las Olas food and Wine Festival, featured in Culture Shock Spring 2007 Fashion Show, Surviving the Streets Fall 2007 Fashion Show, and the Hispanic Women of Distinction Fall 2007 Fashion Show. While studying Jachode has ventured into the fashion industry by working as an Assistant Pattern maker for Koel Design. Jachode is currently working on coordinating a Raw mateiral Avante Garde fashion show with local designers, featuring in an Avante Garde fashion exhibit based eco-friendly fashion, and showcasing eco-friendly fashion at the Spring Miami Fashion Show.

Jachode believes in designing clothing that accentuates the natural beauty of the human physique. Inspired by classic tailoring and modern western cuts, Jachode is passionate about designing ready-to-wear clothing with a unique tailoring flair. Upon graduating Jachode’s ambition is to obtain a position as a ready-to-wear designer for women's-wear. 
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